A word from the Board President…

—by John Romain
• May 5, 2024

Greetings!  Happy Springtime!  

We’ve many updates, recent accomplishments and upcoming events to share.

Most important, Megunticook Rowing Membership is here. For several years, the Board has been examining different models to ensure the long term financial stability of the club. After much discussion, we have reached the following conclusions:

  • Grants, appeals, or other fundraising activities should not be used to support the day-to-day operations of the organization.
  • Income from coached programs is not sufficient to cover all our operations.
  • We need an additional reliable funding stream to continue, even at a minimal level. 

To address these concerns, we will become a membership organization with annual membership fees, much like other organizations such as the YMCA.

Here are the details:

  • All college-age and older participants will pay an annual membership fee that will give them access to our docks, equipment, and facilities, including the Megunticook Rowing erg gym at Midcoast Recreation Center;
  • The Membership dollars we collect will be used to pay our operating costs. This includes maintaining our docks and boats, safety equipment and hosting our website, and other admin site fees;
  • Although we will continue fundraising aggressively, the funds we raise will be targeted for specific needs like upgrading equipment, scholarships for youth programs, and eventually a permanent facility;
  • Seasonal programs supporting adult guests, youth rowing, learn-to-row and others will be maintained as we have for 15 years.
  • Financial Aid will be available to any rower unable to afford membership fees.

In addition to these changes we have engaged a new web service designed specifically for rowing clubs: iCrew! iCrew will become our one-stop shop for reserving boats, signing up for classes, paying fees, and managing waivers and other documents. Board members Hugh Brock and Meredith Currier have dug into this capable (if complex) system to bring structure and organization to our membership needs for roster, scheduling, fee payments, waivers and more. Once you sign up in iCrew, your member profile has all of the detail needed for safely managing our efforts.

To sign up visit https://icrew.club/register?club=MEGROW and choose the membership level you want.

For help with iCrew, don’t hesitate to email Hugh (hugh@megunticookrowing.org).

If you have questions regarding membership, please contact me or Meg Webb, meg@megunticookrowing.org

Other details for membership:

  • All members must be a USRowing Member. Our Club code is: C6V3L (US Rowing is our insurance provider). 
  • Create your profile in the iCrew site, including your USRowing Member #, and complete your waiver review/acceptance.
  • Review our adjacent Megunticook website as a reference for programs offered and membership safety requirements.
  • Sign up for various offerings for programs.
  • Membership Dues are required before you hit the water in your boat or a club boat.

In the last few weeks we completed the pilgrimage from winter storage to Barrett’s Cove! But this was the easy part! Volunteers also put in many hours of site spring cleaning, trail maintenance and dock placements. Truly outstanding support.

Now – our junior rowers are on the water and establishing their stroke for upcoming competitions in May. 

I’m thrilled to be a part of this truly volunteer community rowing program. The spirit and enthusiasm is inspiring, which is helpful for me when navigating our challenges.

Megunticook Rowing is committed to supporting rowing to all who enjoy Megunticook year-round, seasonally or for even a short visit.  

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